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New to me Chapparal 2005 220 ssi. lots of questions.

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  • New to me Chapparal 2005 220 ssi. lots of questions.

    Sorry this is a long one.

    i bought this new to us rig late last season, and only got to take it out 2 times before i found a leaking lower unit prop shaft seal, and had to shop it. I am prepping for this year, and want it to be as flawless as possible.

    The PO told me quite a few things that were recently taken care of, including new risers, so my list isnt as long as it could be.

    Fix carpet snaps: full carpet and a few snaps are broke or ripped out. I have the kit to fix this up.

    buff top half: i already acid washed, and buffed/polished below the rub rail at the end of the year last year. Got to do the top.

    check power steering: I want to check the fluid levels, and verify the fluid is good. is there a change interval?

    check trim pump: it seems to work fine, but its very loud. I want to verify level, and fluid as well. change interval for that one?

    check fuel filter: i have ordered a replacement. I had some buzzing sounds that sound like they are coming from the pump.

    adjust bunks: i added to forward bunks to the trailer, since it only had 2 8fts in the back.

    install outer bunks: i want to add some vertical 2x6 bunks to the outside of the main bunks.

    clean engine bay: shredded the serp belt, so its narsty in there.

    fix gauge panel: typical Chaparral corrosion under the faux wood. not sure what i will do yet.

    fix cover snap: same as carpet. a couple are missing.

    hour meter: doesnt light up. Any suggestions where to start?

    tach: jumps around. Ive seen threads about lubing the tach, but this one doenst have the knob on the back.

    check plugs: no idea when spark plugs were changed last. probably just change them anyway.

    Anything else i need to do?

    New serp belt, new impeller, recent oil change, new gear oil, new risers,

    added bunks

    rebuilt winch post

    the reason for it all

    2005 Chaparral 220 SSI

    1999 Sea Ray 180 (SOLD!)
    1991 Sea Ray 170LT (SOLD!)