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Looking for opinions on a Chaparral 244 Fisherman

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  • Looking for opinions on a Chaparral 244 Fisherman

    I am considering buying a 244 Fisherman if it is still for sale this spring. Don't know what year it is or the asking price. Don't know the condition either, but it gets shrink wrapped every winter and appears to be well cared for. How long do the stringers, floor and transom hold up in these boats? I know it depends on many factors, just looking for opinions from current and formers owners. Thanks!

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    Hate to say it, Todd, but there is no answer to your question.

    A poor quality boat with proper care will last far longer than a high quality non-maintained boat. Unfortunately, there are more poor quality owners than poor quality boats.
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      Thanks, and you are absolutely correct. I am more concerned about any history of stringer issues. I know a charter captain on the great lakes who bought a new fiberglass boat in 1991 and kept it extremely dry inside the hull, and the stringers rotted anyway because apparently the company did a poor job with build quality in the stringer department. He still has the boat today but he had to replace all the stringers. I haven't seen or heard of any issues with Chaparral boats, but I'm always a little leery about stringer and transom condition on a 1980's boat. The 244 Fisherman that I'm considering is always covered with a full canvas in the summer months and shrink wrapped every winter, which beats being left out in our harsh winters and short summers uncovered.

      So I guess my real question is; who has owned one or still owns one, and what are your opinions about the boat, the build quality and any issues you might have had with yours? The good, the bad, and the ugly?