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My boat - just a few pics

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  • My boat - just a few pics

    Since there seems to be little/no information about these boats, thought I'd at least post pics of mine.
    I don't really know anything about the brand, heard something about a fire at the factory closing them down at some point, but don't know any details.
    My boat is a 1984 model, according to the title. No info that I can see on the boat itself (no weight rating plate or anything)
    Runs very nicely with the 115hp inline 6 (is this the famous "tower of power" or is that a different motor?) About 56mph with the current prop.

    I'm thinking about putting an Insanity Pylon or similar on the boat, but not sure if it's just a waste of time/money since it's very obviously not a wakeboard boat. Don't want to mess with the looks very much either, very clean lines the way it is.

    Anyways, here's a few pics:
    Any comments about the boat, mfg, or whatever are welcome