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1987 Deaux Voie fuel capacity?

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  • 1987 Deaux Voie fuel capacity?

    Hi guys, just bought my first "real" boat. 1987 Cajun Deaux Voie. Pretty good shape, has a 115 Merc on it. Problem is, the previous owner says it only hold 7 gallons of fuel, and so far, I've filled it up twice when the gauge shows empty and it took around 6 gallons. Thats only enough for a couple of hours of messing around on the lake, not near enough when chasing stripers on Texoma. Is that really how much gas it holds, or is my gauge off? Is there any way to increase the capacity that doesn't entail cutting into the deck to mount a new tank?

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    Well, I broke out the trusty tape measure and it figures out to be a 20 gallon tank. I guess the previous owner just went by the gas gage. I'll be ordering a new sender.