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Cruising on Lake Tahoe

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  • Cruising on Lake Tahoe

    It's been pretty quiet on the forum lately. I hope that means everyone's Aristocraft is up and running. My friend took this video as we were headed from South Lake Tahoe to Emerald Bay. We headed out at 7:30 am before the lake got rough. Our Nineteen is a 1972 with a 165 Mercruiser. We put "Smart Tabs" on her and it really helped out. The lake is at 6200 ft. elevation so we run a 15" prop. Full fuel tank with four adults on board and she topped out @36 mph on GPS. It's hard to beat the versatility of. Nineteen. Have a fun summer. Post some pics. Let us see what y'all doin with your Aristocraft.
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    It's been pretty quiet on the forum lately. I hope that means everyone's Aristocraft is up and running.
    yes it has been quiet. i've noted that too. agree, hope that means everyone's AristoCraft is working well.
    i don't know how mine is this year as it's still winterized. i can't believe it. this is the first year i've not been motor boating since about '98. i have been out canoeing though. best i can do this year as i've had the non pleasure of having to replace the basement in my house this summer. what a cluster that's been. these are pics of right after the contractor knocked down my south wall. it rained 7'' or round abouts. it rained on and off for the whole project. sure made it hard to replace basement walls.

    i am getting close to being back to normal though. started my project at the beginning of the summer and it's been going on ever since. one of my last thing to get done (short of winter project of plaster repair) is putting some white rock down in my muddy driveway so i can put my Nineteen back where it belongs.

    your Nineteen looks great on lake mead. sure looks like fun. maybe next year i'll get back with the program. for this summer though. it looks like a canoe ride every now and then is about all i'm gonna be able to muster up.

    no i havn't been canoeing in my back yard. but i could have, it was deep enough....
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    'Lime Time'
    1975 AristoCraft Nineteen
    Mercruiser 165hp (chevy 250 L6), MC-1 drive


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      renojim, your nineteen looks fantastic on the lake at speed! That's a great looking Nineteen.. I was about to think this site needed a fork stuck in it 'cause it was DEAD. Ziggy, I feel for ya. Been wondering how the basement renovation was going. I made one short vid of the nineteen this summer,but I took the little Aristocraft Funliner down to the coast a couple weeks back and had a ball with it. jim
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