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Hummm.... Where should I park?

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  • Hummm.... Where should I park?

    Excused for bbq last night but.... Harbor Master is giving them till noon for "walk of shame" then ticket and maybe tow.

    A new beginning....

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    Hmmm, is the driver missing at sea?

    Takes all kinds.

    I came back to a boat ramp in AC this past weekend.
    There was a guy sanding and painting a jet-ski trailer on the ramp slope.
    Pulled my boat up to dock, walked over and asked him to move.
    An older gentleman, he suggested I use the other ramp further down the dock.

    I told him that ramp had a hole in it and I'd try not to hit him backing up my trailer.
    As I was backing the trailer up, he decided to move.
    20' 1987 Renken Cuddy Cabin
    AQ131C 270 drive
    Southern NJ


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      I look at it this way, I like to think the owners of those cars were smart enough to not drive and got a ride home instead. No shame in that.