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How do I get those 24 hours back?...

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  • How do I get those 24 hours back?...

    So I spent all day Friday doing lot's of odd jobs on the boat, also found this amazing product for cleaning the vinyl upholstery, and by the end of the day I was knackered, painful back but my baby was shiny and ready.

    Sunday I double checked everything, loaded the dogs into the truck, loaded the good lady and off we set. The dogs get very excited when we go out on the boat as they know they can run free on the island that we anchor at.
    Such a beautiful day, 30 deg, no clouds, 5 knot wind.
    Got to the launch ramp and oh my, on approach in the surrounding area there was no spare slots to park the trailer. We drove around for 10 minutes checking all the side roads and nothing. Turns out that the annual Racing Dhow event was on. (It's normally on in May)

    We decided to sack it and head back home, one because there was no where to park the trailer but also the ramp would be a hostile place with all the local guys returning after a long hot day.

    So we're heading back contemplating what a beautiful day we missed and the only benefit I could think of was that I didn't need to clean the boat!
    Get to fridge and crack open a beer.

    Hold on, what that rumbling noise? Hold on, I can feel it now, Hold on I can see the blue smoke coming from the trailer tire...

    Pulled into the hard shoulder, dogs looking at me as if to say "are we there yet?" Wife looking at me as if to say "you messed up?"
    Me thinking, I don't have a spare, never have had one...

    No problem, let's get the wheel off, the tyre shop is literally 3 miles form where we are, get it swapped. Job done.
    Wheel nut spanner doesn't fit.
    2 locals stop to see if they can help, theyre wheel spanner doesn't fit.
    I get in the truck to shoot home, 20 minute drive to get my socket set and drop the confused dogs home.
    Wife calls me after 10 minutes to say one of the locals who stopped came back and left a 21mm wheel spanner for me. Aarggghhhh!
    Then she shouted telling me I left her withy no water.
    Carried on and dropped the dogs, got back had the wheel off and went to get the tire changed.
    Clearly the tyre valve had perished causing the loss of air and subsequent tire failure.
    Got back to the boat, trailer, wife and fitted the wheel. Job done.
    WISELY, we stopped at the tire shop on the way through to get the other valve changed just in case, as soon as the fitter touched the valve...PHTSSSSSSSSSSSS

    Lucky or what....

    The only thing I didn't do the day I prepped my boat was the tire pressures. I ALWAYS do that. ALWAYS. If only I had...

    Can I start yesterday again please...
    Not a good day...
    Tahoe Q4 Ski & Fish 2007
    MerCruiser 4.3 MPi V6

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    You got to spend some time with the Admiral and the dogs riding around on a beautiful day. You didn't have to spend a dime on fuel for the boat and didn't have to clean it at days end. I am sure you cracked more than one beer when you got home. Not a bad day after all.

    Dave S. S/W Louisiana
    2002 Larson SEI 190 fish 'n ski. 2002 Suzuki DF140 4 stroke
    Sold: 2000 Odyssey Lextra 2102 Pontoon Boat, 2000 Johnson 90hp J90PLSSE
    Sold: 1987 Rinker V190 4.3L 175 HP Alpha One Gen one


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      That is a very nice boat you have there Marcoalza. I must ask, did you buy a spare at the tyre shop? Oh and did you get your wife some water?
      Experience is a lifetime of mistakes, wisdom is not making them again.


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        I have a spare which I am collecting on Saturday.
        Damn, you've just reminded me about the wife! Better go and pick her up...
        Tahoe Q4 Ski & Fish 2007
        MerCruiser 4.3 MPi V6


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          I feel you pain you went through. Spent my last vacation with the "if it could go wrong" scenario. Question, you said you found an amazing product for cleaning you upholstery. What was that product?


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            Had a half of a flat about a mile from the house once, I'd checked them just before we left for a 100 mile trip. I said to the wife, no problem, we turned around and went back home to change it. Nail in the tire, I had a spare on the trailer, it came with the boat, but it turns out the bolt pattern was different! Glad I went home to change it, a trip to the tire shop and away we went 2 hours later........Double check the spare!!
            If ya can't fix it with a hammer,ya got yourself an electrical problem.