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battery post came off!!

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  • battery post came off!!

    On the weekend I needed to take my battery out of my van, to use for my boat because the one on the boat was toast.
    So, the van is a 93 dodge grand caravan 3. 3liter automatic
    I eventually got the terminal off of the post, but on the positive, it was welded(well, not welded), but stuck real good. After prying and pulling, Eventually the battery post came right out of the top of the battery! Not knowing what could happen, I immediately put it right back into the battery. Hooked up the negative and went to see if the van would start.
    First time, there was a click, but next time I turned the key it started up. So for the past 2 days, I have been driving around with the battery like that. Once in a while when I start it, it will just click, but after turning the key a couple times, it starts right up.
    Question to you all: What can happen to that battery if I continue to use it in my van? I plan on buying another one, but should I rush to buy one, or do you think the battery is okay for a couple weeks? Will it explode? Leak acid?
    Next question...when I do replace the battery, the positive post will come out of the battery(cause the terminal is still connected to the post) ....do I need to be careful of it exploding, or anything like that?
    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: battery post came off!!

    Your battery will leave you stranded. Replace it asap. Disconnect the negative first; put some eye protection on, and you should have no problems. With the new battery, smear some grease on the terminals before installing the clamps.


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      Re: battery post came off!!

      Hmmmmmm. Sounds like an intermittent connection to me. That can make sparks. A charging battery makes, and releases, hydrogen.

      Don't think hydrogen and sparks are a good mix.

      Take it out of there. . .now.


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        Re: battery post came off!!

        Thanks guys. I will go and buy a new battery tonight, or tomorrow morning.
        I was just trying to get another week or so out of it, but chancing the risk that it might blow....no thanks.


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          Re: battery post came off!!

          I have seen batteries blow; almost got a face-full once, but I was leaning over the battery; just needed a good hosing, and throw away some clothes. (your crotch is the most tenderness part of your body.)