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Rubber Bumper repair

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  • Rubber Bumper repair

    A neighbor buddy called me this morning with a question? Somebody clipped one of cars and tore the corner on his rubber front bumper. Asked my opinion. I suggested using 5 minute epoxy; then staple on the inside. Anyone ever attempt a repair like this? Haven't seen it yet; but probably will.

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    Bondo makes a fiberglass repair compound, more flexible than it's standard pink body patch. It doesn't sand worth a darn, but it sticks.
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      Unbolt bumper cover and throw away. Spend $150 on new cover, have painted to match, then install.

      repairs on todays urethane bumpers are not done, as the bumper covers are so cheap
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        I used a bumper repair kit on a busted fender flare.After I was done it looked like new and was very strong.


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          I repaired urethane bumpers before. About the same as any auto repair if you buy the correct repair material. Once you know what type rubberized material the bumper is made of, you can go to any auto paint store and get the correct repair and it will look like new if you do the repair correctly. If I can do it, anybody can... JMHO
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            if i ever get out of the rehab place and home I will be back on. Had a blood clot;lost a leg. Computer acting wierd.


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              Originally posted by Redfred1 View Post
              if i ever get out of the rehab place and home I will be back on. Had a blood clot;lost a leg. Computer acting wierd.
              Your bud's rubber bumper must low on the list, Fred.

              Take care of yourself and get well.
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                bad times,
                wife is having similar issues

                Best wishes,