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Win 7 Desktop Icons?

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  • Win 7 Desktop Icons?

    I have two "desktop.ini" icons that showed up on my desktop. I really do not know when they got there or why they got there. They are strange in that they are kind of greyed out. The are linked to NotePad. I went to delete them but got warnings that something might not work if I did.

    This is the content of one of them: [LocalizedFileNames]
    Battery Check Utility.lnk=@"C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\Battery Check Utility\TosBatCheckTool.exe",-129

    This is the content of the other: [.ShellClassInfo]
    LocalizedResourceName=@%SystemRoot%\system32\shell 32.dll,-21769

    The message I get is if you remove these files, windows or some other program may not work.

    What can I do about them. It is stupid to have them cluttering up my desktop.

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    Anything just appears on my desktop on its own gets deleted no questions asked.You could also restore your comp to an earlier time.Ive had a notepad warning a while ago if i remember correctly, im sure i just restored to an earlier time and all was good.


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      Does not matter, where ever a .ini file shows up you will get that warning, just delete them and don't empty your recycle barrel for a while to see if they cause problems, but normally an .ini is part of the operational system, that gets registered in the registry and once they are, you don't need the install file again. You probably downloaded something that parked them there and installed and you don't need them anymore.


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        I deleted them and confirmed they were in the Recycle Bin. I will remain aware if anything quits working I will restore them.

        Thanks all!