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What is wrong with forum?

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  • What is wrong with forum?

    Have to refresh after every post. Hourglass goes forever. Extra spaces / lines in every post. Must go advanced to get spellcheck to work. Has been this way for months!
    Tom P in Virginia Beach, VA
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    Working on solving a bundle of problems behind the scenes, while also upgrading the iBoats Store. See below.

    Originally posted by jbcurt00 View Post

    Been a challenging day all around.

    Admin thinks it's handled, for now. It is an on going concern, and is being given LOTS of attention by the IT minions, along w/ the background changes to the store, the forum is going to get some much needed improvements.

    It still isn't as bad as the torpedo shot vB5 gave us, but is still frustrating, we (Mods, Admin team, the IT folks and the owners) all agree. It is headed in the right direction: escaping the vB5 problems.
    Originally posted by iboats_tim View Post

    It has absolutely been a challenging day and we're still working on it since I know how frustrating it is to keep hitting that error page. At this point, the belief is that we've maxed out our server since this forum is getting more traffic than ever before. The good news is we were planning on server upgrades anyways so I'm hoping we can fast track that.

    To attempt to put a positive spin on this extremely frustrating and inconvenient situation: this community has become so active and big that we outgrew a server. That's really something.
    The work that is being done is basically taking the harder road to achieve the better results. Hang in with us.