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Bolts vs. Birds, what do you think?

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  • Bolts vs. Birds, what do you think?

    Coach Harbaugh was outcoached by coach Lynn today big time, in my opinion. Near genius to put 3 safeties at LB position. Not a few series, all game. No one is going to contain Jackson all day but with those fast and quick safeties at the line of position (used to be called scrimmage) he was suitably controlled by closing fast. I didn't watch many Baltimore games this year and I knew about #8's legs but am impressed with his arm. In the 4th he wheeled a 3 pointer off his back leg 30 plus yards downfield with the flick of his wrist. He has a future as long as he stays healthy. The QB's like he in the past eventually get hit 1 too many times and they lose their legs. RG 3 comes to mind. These type of running QB's don't play for 10 years plus like the GOAT, Rivers and Breese.

    I never thought Rivers came to play in the playoffs during his long career, he did today and I say good on ya'. I liked this game regardless of the score going into the 4th. These guys are good.
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