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Using soap in ski boots...

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  • Using soap in ski boots...

    I saw a UTube video where a skier put what looks like soap in the boots before putting the ski on. Do many of you do this? Is this a good practice to get a good fit? I know I struggle sometimes to get my feet in. I am guessing that the water washes the soap out, and the feet stay in. But... just asking
    See first 15 seconds of this video.

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    They sell special binding lube which is just fancy soap. If you use dish soap just make sure to get something biodegradable that doesn't have a lot of color in it. My in-laws use clear dawn. I've never had much use for the stuff - get feet and binding wet and jam them in. The newer bindings are a whole different story - go on more like shoes.

    No idea what they have in that bottle - looks gross
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      haha. true. Ok, it is probably watered down also.


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        Always used thinned down soap (this is what he is using) to put bindings on. Is easier on your feet and the boots, feet will fix them selves, boots are expensive. The soap does wash right out once in the water.

        Only time I don't use soap is if a fall and my foot comes out, just get it back in the hard way while floating around
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          And even with soap/slime not all bindings are uniform-ally easy to put on. Yes, some stretch and break in, but As an example the HO Animals in the video I found extremely tight around the ankle. 15 yrs ago Standing on a carpeted pro shop floor with wet foot and slime, I could barely jam my flat, low arch feet into them. Bought something else. Bindings with shock cord laces or similar that allow the binding to open up a bit are easier (also with slime) to get in and out of.


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            Thanks. I have a new set of skis coming, OBrien Siege with Force bindings. Will see how they fit


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              They sell a "boot goo" which is pretty inexpensive and washes away immediately once you get in the water. Most folks I know use diluted Dawn. Good luck
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                I saw the Goo stuff on amazon. Not expensive, but may mix up a little dawn and see how that goes. Cheap and probably won't take much mixed in to make it slippery.