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Bad Wiring on Tow vehicle

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  • Bad Wiring on Tow vehicle

    I have a trailer wiring issue. I suspected my trailer harness to be the problem since it's so typical but after hooking to another tow vehicle they worked fine.

    The Chevy dealer took a look at it while I was having something else serviced. I know him pretty well so he was going to handle a quick fix on it without charge if it was simple. He said there was a short somewhere in the system which would've required more work.

    My question is, can I somehow tap into the wiring from inside the vehicle and just have a separate plug in the cargo area of the Trailblazer to hook into, thus avoiding the supplied plug socket and hopefully getting around whatever short/ground issue there is?

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    Re: Bad Wiring on Tow vehicle

    You are better off repairing the exiting wires. If you don't the problem can cause more issues later. Here is the typical wiring setup. With a little troubleshooting information. http://www.accessconnect.com/trailer_wiring_diagram.htm
    Check for 12 volts or ground at the appropriate connector. Obviously do this with the affected lamp or flasher turned on inside the tow vehicle. Follow the bad wire back & you'll likely find a bare section or a loose section or a corroded contact. They are usually connected just inside the rear of the vehicle by one of the lamps.
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      Re: Bad Wiring on Tow vehicle

      Take the time to find and fix the problem. Going around it with a jury-rig fix will cause even more problems later.


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