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How do I hook up power to electric winch?

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  • How do I hook up power to electric winch?

    I have not used or been around power winches on boat trailers and I am unsure how they hook to the 12v. Do you have to wire up to your battery. Can you use a "power point" style plug. I have seen adabpters for 7 point to lighter style powerpoint and didn't know if you could wire lighter type male end to winch and plug in where lights would plug in. Or is there to much juice pull on those wires.


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    Re: How do I hook up power to electric winch?

    Those lighter type would burn up in a heatbeat. Too much current.
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      Re: How do I hook up power to electric winch?

      you have to run a heavy pos and neg from the battery for them to work properly. i have a direct run for my electric jack stand also.
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          Re: How do I hook up power to electric winch?

          I have set several up using the sockets available at the local aircraft shop. The sockets are used to plug in "GPU's" but are a glorified battery cable port. I run welding cable from the batteries to the socket. You would also need wire from the matching socket to the winch. Another socket with wire and jumper cable ends will allow you to quickly jump start your vehicle or another .

          The nice thing about the socket arraingement is that you can stow the cables and keep them from walking away. The last plug and socket set I bought was around $25. Just drive up to a local airport hanger that does maintenance on light planes or look up "Fixed Base Operator" in your phone book and describe what you want.

          This reminds me that I have a new to me truck that I need to do also!
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