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D.I.Y Drive-On Trailer Conversion

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  • D.I.Y Drive-On Trailer Conversion


    I'm having trouble putting my boat back on the trailer after fishing. I'm after information on how to set my trailer up with Drive-On guides/Rollers just so I dont have to be so slow at the ramp, takes me about 10-15 Minutes to put my boat back sometimes.


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    Re: D.I.Y Drive-On Trailer Conversion

    what i have done is use 2 self centering rollers at the 2 back rollers, this lines the keel up. i have guide ons with 1/2 inch clearance on each side. i just idle up to the trailer, and she goes right on. i also recommend the 48" guide ons, put a screw thru the PVC, into the base so the pvc does not turn, and mount your lights on top. cures many light problems.



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      Re: D.I.Y Drive-On Trailer Conversion

      What type of trailer do you have -- bunk or roller? Most loading problems are due to backing to far into the water so the boat floats around or too shallow. If the trailer is canted to one side due to an ramp thats not level you might have loading problems. You should not need guides to properly load a trailer but there are exceptions -- if loading in a river where there is a strong current or under extremely windy conditions. Many people fail to try altering their loading procedure so they keep doing things the hard way. Experimentation is the key.