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  • Tube towing

    Good morning, I have a 1975 18' Starcraft super sport with a 75 hp Johnson stinger II on it. My 10 year old daughter decided she wants a tube for the boat so I bought a cockpit style airhead Mach 1 tube. I planned on attaching the tow rope to a harness connected to the transom tie downs. They are reinforced with heavy aluminum plate on the forward side of the transom. My question is..... is there s better place to connect the harness? I don't mind installing something if need be. The 75 Johnson runs the boat well with the three of us in it and I don't think will have issues pulling her around, especially since I plan on very low speeds. Thanks in advance

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    with an outboard you connect the tow bridle to the transom eyes like you plan.

    remember, towing a tube is about 20mph.
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      We use the cable harness on my dads ss180. You are probably going to want to go down in pitch for the prop.


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        You've got the hookup right. Depending on how everything lines up, you may find yourself dragging the rope when you turn. This can make it impossible to swing the tube wide or it will drag until you get way into the turn and then snap the tube way outside the wake. I fought with this on my Bayliner Cobra dual console for years until we got a "booster ball". It replaces the tow rope, is 60' long, and has a large inflatable ball in the middle, keeping the rope up out of the water. You may not need it, but you'll know the first time you really get turning.