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    Hello everyone. I found a really good deal on a 18 ft cheetah 180 with a 3.0 140 merc. I'm worried that it won't have enough speed for what I need. I'd probably have anywhere from 2-3adults on the boat and 1-2 on a tube or wakeboarding/skiing etc. Will it go about mid 40s or is that a dream? Would it even be able to do what I need? Thanks in advance

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    You've got 1 or 2 people that want to tube, etc at mid 40 mph's? If so, I would agree with your concern that that setup would reach that speed with 2-3 adults in the boat at the same time.


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      tubing is fatally dangerous over 30, and the recommended tubing speed is 20. you want to tube at 40?

      the 3.0 in an 18' boat may hit 40mph with 2 people on board with the right weight balance and calm water, however never pulling a tube or a skier. youre going to have to carry at least two props with the 3.0. one for cruising, one lower pitch for water sports
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        Mid 40's with 5 adults? I really doubt it.
        One of my friends wanted to tube at 70 MPH once. I stopped at 50 MPH because he looked like he was going to die. I like to ride mid to high 30 MPH some times.


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          I'll go with the assumption that you want to have a boat that will do over 40mph and be able to use it for watersports. If that is the case you are marginal as the boat propped to do 45 will be hard to use for watersports as the power is limited. You might be able to get 40 out of it and still have a prop pitch that makes towing enjoyable. Wakeboarding is around 18mph, waterskiing is 22 or slower for 2 skiis and 27-35 for single. Tubing can be from 13-25 mph. Remember that the tupe will be doing up to 60% faster than the boat on a whip.

          The tough part will be getting out of the hole. Trim tabs or hydrofoil fins are useful helps, if you find that you need a better start when you are loaded up but oftin just having passengers in the bow for starts can do it.


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            Plus that Cheetah I'm presuming is from the 80's and that means the listed Horsepower is Flywheel Horsepower which is a good bit lower than a modern 3.0 with 130 or 135 which is measured at the prop.
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              Towing at 40mph? Seems crazy to me!