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Bump R Ride Tubes

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  • Bump R Ride Tubes

    Anyone know of a similar tube to this one I had years ago. The company has been discontinued and they offered a 52" tube with 30 guage recreational tube and an Anso-Tex nylon cover.

    I would to find a boat tube that uses a tube that has a tire valve rather than the current options

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    Tire tubes have valves and valve stems which stick out from the tube.
    Tow tubes evolved from real car and truck inner tubes, over inflated and dragged behind boats. The valve stem was always a problem. Often we tried to bend the stem over and wrap or taped it to the tube to cover it up. The valve stems won too frequently, and if they did not draw blood, the scrapes were painful enough. Water Skiing was more of a challenge, so we left the towed inner tubes behind.
    I do not believe you will find a manufacturer which will go back that way. Do not invest in the company if you find one.
    Good Luck.


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