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Grumman pre 1972 Sailboat

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  • Grumman pre 1972 Sailboat

    I recieved this Sailboat from Family and not much information. I am new to posting pictures sorry, but below is a link you can copy and paste I emailed Marathon and they could only say its was made before 1972. I have the yet to get the mast from the family members house. I do have the sail and a set of oars. Any information or pictures would be amazing, I am looking to restore to its original beauty if possible. Thank you in advance.


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    Look at the 1965 Tuffy II HERE. Probably not the exact boat you have, but sneaking up on it pretty close. Grumman built all kinds of fun stuff - canoes, sail-canoes, etc. - and there's not really a good repository of their stuff. Your boat was a little too much of a hybrid to have much on the net in terms of sailboat data.

    Cool boat though, and it should be easy to put back together.

    Welcome aboard.


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      well look at this.


      I wonder if your's is similar to this

      Also see

      might help
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        Southkogs thank you for your time. I think it looks like the combo because in the brochure the nose plate looks similar, but the motor does sit off to the side like the Tuffy II. Also the mast does not go through the center of the front seat.


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          Yeah - I don't think what you had was listed in that stuff. I'm guessing yours to be an early 70s model. But, it gives you an idea of what they looked like.

          To be honest, the value in old boats is really what you are wiling to put into it. So make sure you get it the way you want it. That way you'll sail it and enjoy it.