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please help me with a 96' wave venture 1100

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  • please help me with a 96' wave venture 1100

    I am having problems with my 96' wave venture 1100. I bought it in august of last year. I used it for about 2 months. The day before it quit running, I had it out for about 5 hours. It ran great 61 mph at top speed. The very next day my brother took it out was gone for about an hour and called me to tell me he was dead in the water. The ski is running for a minute or two then dies out. It will run fine in the yard but when I put it under preassure in the water is when it seems to be givving me a problem. I was told that the wear ring is causing this. I have also been told that it is an engine problem. I just want to fix this myself and save as much as possible on repair cost. Can someone please help me on this issue. I can be reached at 910-742-1113

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    Re: please help me with a 96' wave venture 1100

    We need a little more info

    You say it runs good in the yard are you putting water to through a flush line.

    Kinda sounds to me you are having cooling flow problems.

    First step would be to check compretion and spark.

    Then make sure fuel lines are in good shape.

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      Re: please help me with a 96' wave venture 1100

      When a ski runs fine on the trailer, but craps out under load in the water, that is typical for a bad engine. You most likely have either 1 bad cylinder or low compression on all. Do a compression check. Ideally you would want to see 120 psi in each. I'll bet you have at least 1 bad cylinder.
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