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93 Sea Rayder Sport Jet Flywheel / trigger question

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  • 93 Sea Rayder Sport Jet Flywheel / trigger question

    Ok, well here is the story in a nutshell: I own a 1993 Sea Rayder with a 90 Hp sport jet. I had issues with it getting started so I called a local mechanic to check it out. He got it running and I was as giddy as a schoolboy.... right up until the magnets under the flywheel self-destructed. So we took the flywheel off and found that the magnets were in pieces and the stator (red) was slightly damaged. He told me to just order a new flywheel, slap that baby on and you'll be on the water in no time. Awesome. So I ordered a new flywheel from boats;net. Side note: I can't find the *#$!& serial number on the motor to save my life, but all the variations of serial numbers of the 93 sport jet on boats;net point to the same part number for the new flywheel.

    Got the new flywheel, installed the new flywheel and NOTHING! Well, the stator looked damaged and quite a bit of rust was on it. I figured it wouldn't hurt to get a new one, so off to Ebay it was. I installed the slightly used (red) stator and still nothing. So now it was time to dig into information. That's how I ended up here.

    I found a thread which told me there had been a conversion for the sea rayders and that you MUST get the correct parts for the boats- mismatched parts won't work. Then I decided to find out the difference in flywheels. The breakout diagram on boats(dot) net calls the middle ring on the flywheel a "spacer." This is the biggest pile of crap. This so-called "spacer" actually has magnets in it which trigger the spark plugs. The old flywheel and the new flywheel have different magnet configurations (you can take a small, round refrigerator magnet and "see" the difference). I have mapped out what the configuration of the magnets are for both flywheels and could make a drawing if needed.

    So I guess my question is: if I buy a new trigger assembly which goes along with the new flywheel, will it work?

    P.S. I have tested the trigger with an oscilloscope, and it will not work with the new flywheel. I am also aware of all of the tests for the stator, trigger, and Capacitor discharge modules (CDMs) and I have the manual.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: 93 Sea Rayder Sport Jet Flywheel / trigger question

    Do you have a CDM conversion or the stock CDI ignition with switchbox and the red stator with adapter? If you have the CDM conversion the stock flywheel you ordered wouldn't work for the reason you stated about the trigger magnet on the flywheel. I don't think a CDI trigger would work with a CDM conversion. You will probably need to get the correct flywheel if what you have is indeed a CDM setup. Did any of the magnets survive intact? I've got a 94' flywheel I need one magnet in order to fix it, let me know if you don't mind.


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      Re: 93 Sea Rayder Sport Jet Flywheel / trigger question

      As you have found out the trigger hub is different between a ADI and CDM ignition system. The ADI hub magnets are vertical(n over s / s over n) and CDM magnets are horizontal(unipolar)n-n/ s-s. You should have the ADI ignition unless it has had the CDM kit installed and the CDM flywheel is part #835084A1 and the ADI is #200-859241T10
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