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Sport Jet 90 hp

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  • Sport Jet 90 hp

    I just bought this boat at the beginning of summer. We had problems starting it after the first couple of times we had it out. It would eventually run and it ran great. When we would kill the engine sometimes it took a while before it would start again. I took it to a Marina and they said the compression on the carbs was ok and it was the stator. We replaced the stator with a black one. CDI#174-9710K1. It would crank but no fire. We did some trouble shooting and found that the Regulator was bad. I replaced it and now gas is pouring out of the front of the engine. It never did that before!! The boat actually started after the new stator was put on when we unhooked the 2 yellow wires then I was told to replace the regulator. Can someone please help me figure out what is going on with the flooding situation?? I'm almost out of money and haven't even got to enjoy the boat!!!

    Thank you in advance!!

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    Re: Sport Jet 90 hp

    Sounds like your carb vent lines are clogged ( clear lines off the throttle linkage side of the carbs) this will allow the carbs to flood as will a sunk float or a stuck float needle .. Time for a carb overhaul.
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