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Sportjet 90 ID

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  • Sportjet 90 ID

    I need help getting a close Id on this motor so I can buy a rebuild kit, however I know it's been messed with over the years by someone other than me. So here's what I know.
    it's supposed to be a 94' 90hp sportjet. the only thing I'm sure of is it is a sportjet.
    1)the sticker is gone
    2)it has carbs that have bi-pass tubes md#top 826116,middle 826117,bottom 826118----started this in 95' i think, but these numbers don't show the tubes either?
    3)it has bullet electrical connectors on the switchbox
    4)it has a switchbox that sits more vertical than horizontal.----again 95'ish
    5)it has a red stator upgrade done
    6)it has a threaded impeller--94'
    7)it's been bored .030 over
    8)it has a melted top cylinder
    9) the hull number is BUJ76365B494

    So heres what i think. It is a 94' but has 95' carbs mounted and the electronics updated with 95' switchbox mounting plate and electronics OR it's a 95' powerhead on a 94' pump.
    So any ideas would be great.

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    Re: Sportjet 90 ID

    So could anyone tell me if there were internal changes made between the 1994 and 1995?


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      Re: Sportjet 90 ID

      so I guess if the # stamped on the rod begins with 640 it would be a 95' and up and if the # is 335 or 600 then it is a 94' and below. The difference being top guided pistons in the newer versions and bottom guided on the 94' and below.