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1995 sea rader sportjet

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  • 1995 sea rader sportjet

    Finally found a merc. for my 96 Sea Pro Reanergade , it in a 95 Sea Rader, the Sea Pro had a 120hp merc. the Sea Rader has a 90hp. Before I take it out I'de like to start it. But the key switch is messed up. There are two 6 pin plugs at the steering wheel, one goes to the key switch witch also has the safty cut off, there are a couple cut. The other does'nt plug to anything that i can see. The boat has no gauges just a blank panel where they should go. What I'de like to do if possable is bypass the key and safty switch (cut the harness at the steering wheel) try to wire where I can touch wires together (hot wire) it. Does any one have a clue witch wires need to be hooked to witch or have a wiring diagram for a 1995
    SeaRay Rader with 90hp merc. Any help would be great.

    thnx, CBazzle

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    Re: 1995 sea rader sportjet

    **Do not start this out of the water without the proper flush kit installed!!**

    Also, if you're replacing a 120 with a 90 or a 90 with a 120 you'll need to swap the jet drive as well...they are different gear ratios.

    This should help (images are referenced to another site):

    If you want to isolate the kill circuit, disconnect the black/yellow bullet connector at the switchbox.

    If I remember correctly (just going from memory...so verify before you attempt!), you'll need power to the purple (switchbox) for the engine to run (energize the ignition circuit). To engage the stater you can run a wire from the battery Positive to the stater relay and touch it to the terminal where the yellow/red wire connects. Touch and hold to crank engine, remove to stop cranking.

    I can verify the starter bypass with a wire from + to yellow/red to crank, but I had the key-switch to on, so I'm not positive of the purple connection.

    You shouldn't need choke as the years you mention should have the auto-enrichner.

    Hope this helps!


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      any chance that 120 is useable for part or donor for a rebuild? i have a sea pro with a 120, altho the engine has been changed since it has the CDM i suspect its a 1996 or newer. i just bought it so know not much about it, other than i was told it had a 90 in it replaced by the 120, and after a day on the lake father and son, it tossed a rod thru the block. so im hunting for a rebuildable powerhead, or block crank etc