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Jet ski ts cooling problem

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  • Jet ski ts cooling problem

    I have a 89/90 Kawasaki jet ski and have developed a problem with the cooling system. On shore I can run the machine with no problems water injected through the hose adapter and exits from the side vent, exhaust etc. Taking the pwc out the cooling works for about 5 minutes and then water stops circulating. Overheating begins and that's it, steam will come out the side bypass outlet. Any ideas as to what might be the problem. The motor and all else runs fine otherwise.

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    Re: Jet ski ts cooling problem

    I am having a similar problem with an XI 750 super sport. I've back flushed the cooling system and all is well but the jet pump doesn't seem to be pushing any cooling water round the engine.

    Have you checked the small 90deg fitting on the side of the jet pump. You may have picked up some debris. Also if that's not your problem have a look at the stator fins inside the jet. I think that's what's wrong with mine. Some are broken after a stone went through the jet and the turbulance is stopping the cooling water flow...... Just a guess. But if you're having a similar problem and you have broken stator vanes- it would be a starting point.