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96 omc turbojet 115 feals hot

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  • 96 omc turbojet 115 feals hot

    I have a 115 turbojet that feals hot to the touch after running for 10-15min I get no over heat alarm(the warning system works as it did get hot and trip the alarm before I replaced the thermostats).

    The heads and muffler are hot to the touch after running.
    This got my attention only because I normaly deal with I/O's and this thing seams to hot to me.

    If anyone knows if these things run warmer than regular outboards or if i am in danger of melting this thing.
    Thanks in advance

    90 supra bravura pmc351 1.23/1 pmc40
    96 seaswirl squirt 115omc turbojet
    88 kawasaki sj550
    88 kawasaki x2 650
    92 yamaha waverunner III
    94 seadoo xp

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    Re: 96 omc turbojet 115 feals hot

    It may be running hot, the alarms won't sound until around 200 degrees F. If your temperature switches are working (You can trouble shoot them if you have the manual. You can disconnect the bullet connector from the temperature switches on the heads and ground the bullet connector leading from the temperature switch. It should sound if they are working correctly.

    I found an IR Thermometer is a good tool to have with this engine. The temp should stay around 165 degrees. An IR Thermometer is anywhere from $25 - $300 depending on what you get. I found a good one from Advanced Auto Parts for $52.
    DiY kinda guy