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Yamaha GP800r typical gps speed

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  • Yamaha GP800r typical gps speed

    Just recently picked up a great wee yam GP800r for little money. I haven't had a ski for a good number of years and just wondering if others with the same model have tested or figures the actual speed achieved.
    It has a riva ride plate and god knows what impeller (haven't looked).
    With about 20l of fuel in it and fairly flat conditions, I had a wee trimmed up top speed run (not for long though, always think of old 2 stroke skis as ticking time bombs !)
    The speedo said 112kph (clearly nonesense), so tested with the gps on the phone. To my surprise she peaked at 57.8 mph.
    Anyone know what the average or expected is ?

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    Oh and any other tips on how to keep it from blowing up...thinking I should block off the oil injection and pre mix ? Had a long lasting bad experience once with a big Merc 200hp V6 2 stroke ! $$$$