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Deteriorating Performance

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  • Deteriorating Performance

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
    First ride of the season resulted in an early return to the garage. My PWC seemed to be ready to ride from the pre-season check but once it got out on the lake it quickly deteriorated. It was sputtering a bit early on like it needed to burn off some residual fuel from last season (I just filled the tank with fresh high octane). I was taking it easy so as to warm it up gradually but the performance was in steady decline until it began to stall and seemed to fall into a limp mode whereby I was able to creep back to shore.
    The machine is a 2011 KAWASAKI ULTRA 3OO Jet-Ski. I have the service manual which has a ton of valuable information but also refers to several "special tools" related to the diagnostics.
    I have some experience with mechanical/electrical repairs and performance minded equipment and some decent tools. However, before I go dismantling this unit, I'd like to hear some opinions and suggestions on the problem. The self diagnostic system isn't throwing out any codes which narrows it down as per the service manuals troubleshooting guide. These are a few suggestions from the manual... Fuel Pump & Relay (fuel pump seems to be functioning properly) Fuel Injectors, Ignition Coil, ECU (god forbid)
    As it sits right now, it will start but there seems to be some manner of physical resistance and is very rough when turning over or running. Is it possible that the Jet Pump is the problem? seized bearings? or similarly the supercharger?
    Anyone with knowledge of these machines that would like to chime in, Please do.
    Thanks in advance

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    ...its definitely not the jet pump. I just removed it for inspection and its spins freely. Next item on the list is supercharger. They're tons of fun until they break then they're tons of money. It would be nice if it turned out to be something simple and inexpensive...fingers crossed.


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      Well...after dismantling half the machine and finding nothing wrong, I went and bought some new spark plugs ($21/ea.) which seems to have solved the problem. I haven't been out on the water yet but I plan on putting some hours on her this weekend. I'll update when I get back.


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        Wow! Pricey plugs! How did the ride with the new plugs go? How many hours were on the old plugs?
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          Sorry, I'm just reading this... plugs would have been my first suggestion - my seadoo has to have new plugs often, they foul and the ski runs terrible. But, when they are new wow, what a ride!
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