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Land & Sea Torque Shift Prop, where to find

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  • Land & Sea Torque Shift Prop, where to find

    I ran into a guy down at the boat ramp today with one on his boat. He said he had it for little over a year and it really improved his performance of his boat. Now I am trying to find one, and I cant seem to find anyone who still sells them. I checked out the website, but they only offer parts. Anyone know where you can get your hands on one.

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    Re: Land & Sea Torque Shift Prop, where to find

    I saw one on eBay the other day.
    The wetter, the better.


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      Re: Land & Sea Torque Shift Prop, where to find

      Do a search on this board for "torque shift". There is a ton of threads regarding the l&s torque shift.


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        Re: Land & Sea Torque Shift Prop, where to find

        Just picked one up on ebay. Paid 400, probably too much, but I wanted it now. Guess if I don't like it I can put it back on ebay.



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          Re: Land & Sea Torque Shift Prop, where to find

          Land and Sea has stopped making the Torque Shift propellers after their foundry burned down.

          I have had one of their propellers for 17 years on a '19 V8 IO Merc and there is no other ski boat that beat this boat in intitial acceleration. No one can hold onto a tow rope at start if the throttle is opened suddenly.

          The boat has 0 bow rise. What has amazed me over the years is that the outdrive has survived the sudden thrust.

          Because of my interest in the pop I have bought 6 off EBay mostly for my friends but have started a business on the inetenet buying and selling parts.


          The cams sometimes can break from misuse or age and will be difficult to replace. I'm in contact with Land and Sea and am in the process of seeing if I can get a company to manufacture new ones.

          I am buying cams when I find them on the web or am contacted.

          I will soon have new blade bushings and springs, and hope to be able to get parts from owners off the net.

          If anyone bad mouths this prop, they didn't know how to use or adjust it.

          Keep checking my site for parts or info on what props I have for sale.

          Bob Merriam


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            Re: Land & Sea Torque Shift Prop, where to find

            I will soon have new blade bushings

            I'll take 3 sets when you find them.......


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              Re: Land & Sea Torque Shift Prop, where to find

              I had a machine shop make a set of bushings out of something much tougher than the original material. HDF rings a bell. It was the same stuff as we used for bushings on the kingpins holding up the 3-rail carriers for a car assembly line. And they lasted for years, 3 shifts, 6 days a week.
              I'll try to find out more.

              I agree, the hole shot was outrageous. It allowed the engine to rev to 4k instantly, making gobs of torque.

              There is a downside though. While the blades are extended, it gathers weeds something awful.


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                Re: Land & Sea Torque Shift Prop bushings

                I contacted the machine shop this am, He had ordered black Delrin tube for it, turned the outside to +.005, froze it to shrink & insert into hub, then bored for the blade shaft. As I recall it was ~$60


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                  Land & Sea Torque Shift Prop, where to find

                  I have located a machine shop in Silicon Valley who is going to make me a set of trial cams. The shop is ultra high tech and said they'd be no problem.

                  I'll fist do the ZZ and Z, then maybe a coule of the lower letters.

                  Since I began buying props on Ebay, I now have 7, I have found that some earlier LS made some Hole Shot blades had a different size/shape cam than the later propellers.

                  This cam fits into a slightly different shaped opening, and the bottom of the cam hole has the outside bottom machined in a circular cut, that is lower than the rest of the cam recess. bottom. It almost looks like it could work without as a cam with the the cam insert in it.

                  I believe one could fill the bottom of the cam hole with Marine Tex, sand level, and regrind the opening to accept the newer cams.

                  I'll also have the cloverleaf spring washer made that goes under the lock nut, and also make some replica removal tools.

                  I'll keep you all posted. Bob M


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                    Re: Land & Sea Torque Shift Prop, where to find

                    I will also buy cams and springs seperately as long as they are in one piece. Many have replaced only one cam and may have 1 or 2 extra lying around. Bob M



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                      Re: Land & Sea Torque Shift Prop, where to find

                      Here's a site that explains how the Torque Shift Prop wokrs. Bob M



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                        Re: Land & Sea Torque Shift Prop, where to find

                        Here's whah I've found on the changes Land and Sea made to their TS propeller blades and cams over the years.

                        If you buy a prop, check which style balde iand cams it has. I will have only the later types. I've questioned some of the sellers on Ebay what cams they have, and they won't reply. Beware!

                        I'm also having blade bearings made by the same componay that made the original but they may upgrade the material if it's advantageous. There will be 2 diameter bearings, the 1" and 1-1/8".

                        Bob M

                        There were 3 different blade shafts made by LS.

                        1. The first ones were a 1" shaft with the cam profile machined into the blade shaft, about 1/8" deep. The retaining pin had a bevel on tip that rode in that slot. The cam was not replaceable. Later a replaceable cam was added to this 1" shaft blade. These cams fit later props except those that use # 2 below..

                        2. The second generation had a 1-1/8" shank, and deeper cam, of different depth and shape than the later ones. This design had a 2 level cam slot bottom, with the inside end having a 1/8" machined depression, so the cam's bottom wasn't supported all the way across. This blade requires a special cam, but one could grind the slot to fit a later cam, and level the bottom of the slot with marine-tex.
                        3. The last and most popular cam fits into a slot that has a flat bottom on it for full support of the cam's bottom. This is the type of cam I'm going to have made.. They too have a 1-1/8" shaft blade support.

                        I will also have the blade bearings for the 1" and 1-1/8" hubs, made by the same company that made the original. They may be made from a newer and better material