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New Solas fixed hub not fitting.

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  • New Solas fixed hub not fitting.

    Just upgraded to 2006 Chaparral 246SSI. I wasn't happy with the hole-shot performance and the aluminum 3 blade was in really rough shape so I bought a Titan HR4 SS with fixed hub. Drove over to sand bar and tried to do swap in 3-4 feet of water. The prop is under a swim deck and completely under water (just barely) so that made all this even more difficult especially timing everything while being hit by wakes! (I have no way to pull it out right now)

    Anyways, I bought a new thrust washer, spacer, lock washer and nut in case we dropped anything and couldn't find it. The new prop is "longer" then the old one (removable hub) and I cant get the lock washer to reach the splines. The hardware I bought is the same as the stuff I pulled. Common sense says I need a thinner thrust washer? I know Solas sells kits but they are closed until Monday and I'm dying to try these beauty out!

    Any advice? Am I missing something that I cant see underwater? Thanks!

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    Are you sure you got the rear spacer off from the first prop? Sometimes they are stuck on the splines a tad and need to be tapped off.


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      If the Thrust Washer is incorrect for the Prop, then Common Sense means you are just going to have to wait till you get the correct one. One of the joys when switching the brand of Prop.

      You said "I bought a new thrust washer", so how did you manage to choose the wrong one?


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        sounds l ike the aluminum is a torq flow 2, if the splinded peice comes out with a rubber sleve on back side it is, and the new prop sounds like its a solid hub which if it is you need the shallow tab washer (brass peice that is splined like the bigger version thats in the torq flow 2 setup) the thurst washer should be fine for both, you may or may not need the shim washer as long as ur got the one with the lock tabs so u can get 3 tabs bent over in the brass splined tab washer, and put ur nuts on tight before bending the tabs.