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Is this prop done?

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  • Is this prop done?

    Bought a 60 hp Johnson with this OMC 13.25x17 AL prop. It's beat up pretty good. Any hope for it, or just get another one?
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    If you are asking if it can be repaired. I've seen them repair way worse than that.
    If you're asking if it can be used as it is, NO
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      Originally posted by wrench 3 View Post
      If you are asking if it can be repaired. I've seen them repair way worse than that.
      If you're asking if it can be used as it is, NO
      I'm asking should I repair or buy another. It runs fine like it is, but I'm definitely not leaving it like that.
      Saw a few on Ebay in the $150-175ish range.


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        Around here you can get a rebuild for $100 to $125 but I don't know what they cost down your way.
        A good rebuild is as good as a new one but I know that import new ones are pretty cheap these days.
        "Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional."


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          My experience would say to price a new prop. iBoats and others have good prop selector tools. A rebuild on my 14.25 x 21P aluminum prop is about the same as a new prop, assuming I own the hub kit. A new pressed-in hub prop, like Michigan Wheel may be a wash with a rebuild. And I've known very good, and very shady rebuilders. A new prop is always good...until you whack it.
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            depending on where you are in Georgia, there are some prop rebuilding places that are less than $70 to repair.

            Lake Lanier prop for example https://www.llprop.com/repair_prices
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              Depends-----A prop comes with one set of numbers from factory.-----Have seen props with 4 sets of numbers.-----Been repaired 3 times.-----I just put those back on the shelf.-----A prop per post #1 may work fine but damage to bearings is being done !


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                Couple of used ones on Ebay I'm looking at. $70-80 range. Seems a reasonable price.


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                  You should always have a spare prop. on board any how they come in handy at times I know for a fact..


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                    Check here for a new prop.Right now for some odd reason im getting a 400 error code constantly.I bought a solas amita a few years back from here that was 98 bucks (4 blade large gearcase 14x17p four blade for Evinrude (omc).Though it was originally bought for a 82 90hp rude its my go to prop for my 2011 60 hp etec along with my omc sst 16 p 3 blade.


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                      Gee, aluminum props are pretty cheap. Your prop may be rebuildable, but why bother? For $100 (on sale) you can get a new one.


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                        I've had few props rebuilt , good as new and were quite a bit cheaper than new , cheaper when i compared prices at the time (this was a few years ago 2009-2010ish)
                        Bring rain gear !


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                          On another note, a 60 horse with a 17p prop, that's pretty steep for the motor... what boat is it on?
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