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  • Performance Pontoon

    I have been searching the internet looking at pontoons because I am wanting to purchase a new one sometime soon. I don't want the same old slow 20mph max pontoon boat that my parents had when I was growing up as a kid. Wanting something that I can pull skiers with and run 40mph + when I want to catch some wind.
    Problem I am having is finding any prices online other than Suntrackers. Curious if anyone knows about what the going rate is on something like a Manitou with the SHP package or Bennington with the ESP package is going for. I like the idea of the triple toon setup with the larger center tube so the boat acts similar to a v-hull. Also noticed Suntracker offers a package with lifting strakes as well. Looking for a 20-22ft boat. I had thought about just getting the basic 20ft Suntracker Party Barge thats like 13k with a 40hp and upgrade to a 90 or even the max 115hp that they rate it at but I still don't think its going to do as well as a boat made to run faster thats fitted with say a 75hp.
    Any suggestions?? Who makes a good one now days? Trying to stay under a 25k budget if possible.

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    Re: Performance Pontoon

    perhaps a deckboat would be more suited to your desires.
    Thinking you can get a nice used deckboat in that price range, and i believe that would give you the performance you are looking for, they are also i hear more economical on fuel at the higher speeds, and you should have no issue tubing skiing and wake boarding behind them.
    only suggestions not looking at selling them, do a search deckboat. see if that satisfies your craving for performance as well as the room of a pontoon. used I have seen them go for between $5k to $65k i think that in the $10-15K price range you will find wonderful choices.... i did a search on iboats as they sponsor these forums so it is only polite that i post their results.
    that is the link happy hunting
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      Re: Performance Pontoon

      Do a Google or Yahoo/Bing search for "Boat Dealers" in your area (say 150 mile radius). Most dealers have both a New and Used section on their web site. You can get an idea of prices looking at one or two year old used boats. There are often new, but one year old boats listed (called Non-current models). Every dealer has a "Contact Us" button. Click it and list the boat you are interested in, the options you need, and ask for an out the door price. If they won't respond or start pressuring you to come in -- play the shame on you game and tell them thanks but no thanks, I'll look elsewhere. They may give you a high (full list) price but it is your money and in this economy everything is negotiable. My last pontoon was priced in three states. Trailer in Minnesota, Boat in Wisconsin, engine in Iowa. Eventually bought locally as the amount of running would have eaten up the savings. It all depends on what you want, who has it, and of course the price. I will assure you however, you will not tow a skier with a 40 HP on 20 foot pontoon and I also assure you will have the same 20 MPH rig you grew up with. You will need at least a 90 and and for better performance a 22 foot minimum boat. Longer is better with a pontoon as is the tri-toon option.


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        Re: Performance Pontoon

        You may have a problem making your budget with what what kind of boat you want, you are looking for a performance boat on a regular boat budget.

        you may be able to get a 22 ESP with maybe a 150 for that but as Silvertip said, you are really going to have to go to a dealer or at least a dealer web site, they are the ones with the prices

        Disclaimer, I work for Bennington in the weld shop, I was talking to the head of R&D just the other day and he said the 22 esp with a decently big engine is just crazy fun, the engine on the one he was talking about was a 225 which alone would smoke your budget.

        Go to the Bennington and Manitou site and use the dealer locater to find one close to you and start talking, I am sure either dealer will get you into a boat that is close to what you want, we also have a series of videos on the ESP boats there.

        Manitou is one of the better boats on the market so you really can't go wrong with either choice, Tracker is a little more entry level, still a decent boat just not a posh.
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          Re: Performance Pontoon

          Don't forget about the premier PTX. Mine does everything you mentioned.
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            Re: Performance Pontoon

            DUH, on the Bennington site they have a boat builder that will give you the MSRP of any boat we build, I just checked and a 22 GLi with the ESP but WITHOUT an engine is $28,700.

            Just the ESP package is a $5000 option so you could get one for what you have but not an ESP.
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              Re: Performance Pontoon

              2008 Manitou 24' Oasis 373 SHP X-Plode
              Part#:08-1044 $39,900.00
              MSRP: $62036.00

              Brand new left over Manitou triple tube SHP. This model has it all including table w/mount, bimini top, sport steering wheel, JBL radio with Ipod interface, docking lights, full Sunbrella mooring cover, bucket seat, 55 Gal. fuel tank, trim gauge, ski tow bar, Acrylic tubes, track lighting. Unit is packaged with a 2008 Evinrude E-Tec 225 HO and a 2008 Tennessee trailer w/disc brakes.

              This is listed at Coopers Marina in upstate NY. They are just down the street from me and a great place to buy a boat. If you are in the area it might be worth checking out.
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                Re: Performance Pontoon

                I bet $25k would go a long way to get you what you want if you look at used
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                  Re: Performance Pontoon

                  I was just hoping to find prices online because I hate even going to the dealer and wasting my time if I can't afford it. I even considered buying something like the Manitou SHP Oasis and buying/using an early 90s 60hp Mariner on it a friend of mine has forsale until I can afford something like a 115 optimax. I remember my dad skiing on a slalom ski back when I was little on our Aqua Patio with a 60hp mercury so i'm sure something like a 90hp or 115 on a regular pontoon would move pretty well.


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                    Re: Performance Pontoon

                    Just called our local Manitou dealer today on a leftover 25' triple, it was sold but was told that model starts at about 43,500 add a couple thousand for the shp package and that was with a 150 on it.
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                      Re: Performance Pontoon

                      You didn't say where you live. Sometimes, you can drive a little and save alot.

                      For comparison, I suggest you look at TandMMarine.com in Grand Rapids, MI. They also have an EBay listing under a different name selling pontoons bought at a big discount when another boat dealer lost their wholesale financing. They claim to have 300-600 pontoons at any given time. T&M also has some new-year or two old outboards, including a carb'd Merc 150 hp 2 stroke, at big, big discounts. I just find it an interesting website.


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                        Re: Performance Pontoon

                        Howdy everybody, I have to admit there are some slow pontoons out there. But on you tube there is a guy with 525HP in his! It just hauls!!!!!! Sounds great too.


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                          Re: Performance Pontoon

                          You will not see 40 mph with your budget on a new boat. I notice you keep me.toiling 90 and 115hp. Depending on the size Toon you pick you are looking at anywhere form 27-32mph imo.150hp would get you between 32 and 40mph.
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                            Re: Performance Pontoon

                            I have a 2007 model Manitou Osprey Pro with SHP and a 175 Yamaha Vmax motor. I get 38.8 MPH (GPS) on her.

                            She handles like a dream, turns like a v-hull and runs very well straight. Will pull a three person tube with no problems. Form and fit are excellent.

                            With trailer (dual axle and surge breaks) and the other modifications I had done (double bimini, upgraded front chairs, versa-trak ladder) it cost me 40K.

                            I did my homework an dthen went to the local Manitou dealer. I had a review of the previous years boat with an MSRP of 32K. The local guy priced it at 41K (without mods or trailer). I counter offered, he came back with $40,500. I don't think he wanted me to buy a boat there.

                            So I emailed every manitou dealer within 500 miles and settled on Casey's Cove Marina in Angola IN. Excellent people to work with and they came in thousands less than the local guy. The money saved was more than worth the drive. In fact, I still haven't spent the difference in gas for the boat yet.

                            I don't think you are going to get the performance you want for $25K.
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                              Re: Performance Pontoon

                              These are popular at Lake of the Ozarks: http://www.playcraftboats.com/xtreme_series.htm

                              One of our neighbors just bought a new 26 footer with a 225 Honda outboard. It'll be way over your budget new, but used you might find something.

                              This one (with twin Mercury Racing 600's) is running about 100MPH. Why? Because he can.