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No power to dash and radio on 2006 Harris grand heritage

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  • No power to dash and radio on 2006 Harris grand heritage

    So I don't have any dash electronics working right now. The boat starts and runs fine. Where is the fuse that controls all this? This all started when the batteries were hooked up wrong on one battery. Brain fart, thinking about something else. No fuse so it melted the bolts on the starter batteries. Replaced both batteries...everything was working fine but voltage was reading low so relplaced the rectifier. The batteries eventually went dead and found that it melted the harness with a fuse, that didn't blow by the way, that went to the rectifer. So replaced that harness. Everything has been working fine but volts were reading at 16 on the gauge which is accurate and tested it on the volt meter. So today stopped in the middle of the lake to swim and hang out for 3 hours. Go back to start it and no dash stuff. So where is that fuse? I suppose since the that harness was melted to charge the batteries the new rectifier didn't have anywhere to go with its power and it went bad since its reading 16v?
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    wow you had alot of problems with that. Alot of the time the fuse box is under the helm console somewhere