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How to Safely Jack Up Pontoon on Blocks

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  • How to Safely Jack Up Pontoon on Blocks

    I store my pontoon boat in the yard over the winter. I had the marina pull my boat out of the water and place it on blocks in the yard. I wasn't there when it was delivered and although the block are all even with one another, the land is sloped leaving the port side of the boat a good 3-5" lower than the starboard side.

    I was wondering if there was a safe way for me to jack up the port side pontoon to slide in more blocks to level it out.

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    Having it slightly off level like that is going to help it drain quickly. I can't think of an advantage to leveling it.

    If you insist on lifting it, I would spread the weight of each corner across 2 cross members then lift. I've done that a couple of times, shade tree style, with a floor jack and a couple of 2x4's.


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      Seems more than slightly off level to me, but if it doesn't hurt to have one pontoon supporting more weight than the other I guess I'll just leave it.


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        Keep in mind you dont need to jack the tires off the ground.... I'd start with the low side, blocks and shim it till u get about 1/2 the weight off the wheels, then other side.... that's what I'm doing... my storage sight is nearly level tho
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