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Towable mount points

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  • Towable mount points

    Hey y'all,

    I just purchased a Grumman 24' Fun Ship Deluxe. Has a 50 HP Johnson on it. I know this won't be a speed boat, but it will travel fast enough to get me fishing, or to give me kids a ride on a nice afternoon. I am planning to get a 3 person towable for the kids, just wondering what I need to do to install a tow hook on it? I'm pretty sure it isn't advisable to tie onto the clevis holes on the rear of the logs, so what other options are available? Thank you for any and all suggestions. Before this, all I ever used was fishing boats.

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    welcome aboard.

    a bridle between the holes on the back of the logs will be fine.
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      On my old boat, there is a hard mounting point at each corner behind the aluminum trim piece that wraps around the boat at the deck. The main thing is to not use the fence for towing. Mine was bent by a previous owner who tried that.


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        Those "hard points" in the 4 corners of the deck may not be hard enough for anything but tying the boat off. There's no stucture on many, just the plywood.


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          Yeah, mine has points to tie off to a dock on the corners of the deck. but the front and back of the logs have a plate on the tip with a hole through it. a previous owner installed shackles on all both ends of the logs. I was thinking of towing off there, if it was a general consensus that it would be strong enough.

          I thank you for the info, I will definitely be referring to the more knowledgeable boaters on here as I learn about this boat! First pontoon, only thing before this is a 14' aluminum fishing boat.


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            I'm with Scott above-
            "a bridle between the holes on the back of the logs will be fine."

            Until you want to get fancy anyway. They make regular hard points just for skiing. Depending on the boat, they can be pretty elaborate/expensive, but if skiing/pulling is your thing, may be worth it from a convenience standpoint.

            Keep rope retrieval in mind when setting up your rig. Getting to the tow bridle might be a challenge on some toons, and once the tow rope has been deployed, you aren't going to be backing up until it's been retrieved.


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              Thank you guys! I'm not looking for anything fancy, this is a family boat with only a 50 hp motor. Just looking to pull the kids around on an inflatable, probably a 3 person inflatable.


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                My pontoon came with two eyelets bolted through the transom on either side. I've never towed a tube before but I did use it to tow a broken down boat back to the dock. Seemed to work fine