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Inflatable Boat On Inflatable Dock

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  • Inflatable Boat On Inflatable Dock

    Would it be feasible to drive or drag out of the water an inflatable boat with an aluminum floor with outboard up onto something like this?

    I'm thinking this might be a good option for a 15 foot inflatable that will be stored in a salt water slip. The other alternative would just be bottom paint but I'm thinking this might make it easier to clean / do minor maintenance on the boat.
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    Can't answer about saltwater damage but sun will decrease the life span for sure. What about a boat lift that has a cover that way you kill two birds with one stone?


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      Leaving an inflatable moored for long time periods on salt water forms unwanted marine growth under deck which is a PITA to remove, it's time demanding job. Using an inflatable dock is an excellent idea to avoid this.

      Would be a good to spry from time to time and overdose of Aerespace UV protectant on inflateble deck & boat to last longer and a good cover on top of both.

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