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Can a Sea Fire model 200 be refilled ?

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  • Can a Sea Fire model 200 be refilled ?

    Engines were being pulled on my Regal 2860 ,
    ​Built in automatic Sea Fire System
    ​Mechanic moved extinguisher, dangling by wiring
    Looking at it and ​noticed it was out of date and empty
    Model is 200 .
    ​I have restaurant business that requires fire system in hood and extinguishers all around
    ​ Can this type of company refill or it must go too a specialty facility refill, check, re date since its a dry chemical


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    Non refillable. buy a new bottle

    Sea-Fire FM-200 agent FG Fire Suppression Systems are designed to protect enclosed compartments. All FG systems operate automatically through heat activation. Discharge occurs if the sensor valve temperature rises to the system activation point. Manual systems provide boat operators the option to activate the fire repression system with an installed release cable.
    Sea-Fire FM-200 FD extinguishing systems are designed to induce minimum atmospheric concentration of 8.7% within the protected compartment. These marine Fire Extinguishers are for use in spaces from 150 to 1500 cubic feet and fit most marine vessel engine compartments.
    • Utilizes FM-200 agent
    • For gasoline and diesel powered craft
    • Tested to -40 F
    • Corrosion resistant aluminum cylinders and valves
    • 100% leak-tested
    • Available in automatic or auto/manual configurations
    • Auto/Man configured extinguishers require manual discharge cables (sold separately)
    • Non-refillable
    • Three year manufacturer warranty
    • ALL FG models are approved for vertical or horizontal mounting
    • Sea-Fire FG series extinguishers equipped with a factory installed pressure switch for cylinder pressure supervision that may also be used to control other electrical functions (engine shutdown, air exchange equipment, etc.)

    FG system comes complete with marine approved brackets, face plate, and installation manual included in shipment.
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