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Colorado boaters??

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  • Colorado boaters??

    Currently in South Florida but most likely moving to Colorado Springs area next year. The question I am asking is how is the overall boating community? Down here it seams like 80% of the boaters don't care about other boaters, navigation rules ,and general boat safety. I would assume most don't know the rules, so they are just ignorant.
    Maybe I am just an old crumedgeon, but some days I really hate taking out the boat due to others.
    Mainly looking for Lake Pueblo info

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    I have been boating in CO since 1984, and I don't see much of that. We are generally a friendly bunch, and help each other out. There are anti-social knuckleheads involved with any activity, but our group minds their own business and have never had anyone else ruin our time.


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      That's good to hear, I do realize that no matter where you go, or what you do, there will always be *****hats, but it seems like down here, there are more of them, then us who pay attention and courteous to others.
      I boated in CT for numerous years and never had the experiences I have seen down here