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Any One Been Down The Michigan Inland Waterway?

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  • Any One Been Down The Michigan Inland Waterway?

    Has anyone been down the waterway that can give some insight,opinions,suggestions about making a trip down it? Thanks

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    Are we talking about the trip though Burt, Mullet and Black lakes? If so, sure! Was quite some time ago. Did it with a pontoon boat. Camp was set up right on the water at Burt Lake State Park. One day we went East from there quite a ways, to near the far side of Black Lake. There, we noticed the wind kicking up coming out of the West, so we high tailed it back to camp into a very chilly breeze. Next day we went West. Had to lower the top a couple of times going that way. Big thing I remember about that trip was the racoons. They were over running the place. One pretty much shredded our screen enclosed area we used for cooking and eating.

    If I were to do it again, I would allow more time. We just had a long weekend.


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      Thanks here's a couple maps.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	michigan-water-trail-indian-waterway-michigan.jpg
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      Click image for larger version

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      As you can see it actually runs from Crooked Lake near Lake Michigan, up the Crooked River to Burt Lake,up the Indian River to Mullett Lake, to the Cheboygan River then up that to Lake Huron.

      A strange mystery to me is how I could live my whole life in Michigan,with most of those years in North Michigan, and never hear of the Waterway. Now that I have I'm doing research and making plans for a trip down it which is about 40 miles long.



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        I did the Inland Waterway back in 1997. It's a really nice trip. We spent 3 days touring the waterway.

        Here is a link that may be of value to you.

        Rick Grew

        1981 Carver 3007 Aft Cabin

        2004 Past Commodore
        West River Yacht & Cruising Club


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            We went from the Burt lake state launch, through the locks at cheboygan, into Lake Huron, up past mackinaw island, under the bridge into Lake Michigan and back one Sunday last year. 11 people on 2 21 foot bow riders. It was a great day but long. Launched at 8 am, boats back on the trailer at 10pm. We bought the charts. Since this was our first time, the charts were invaluable. Numerous marinas along the way, a few restaurants. There is a hotel in cheboygan that has docks. Lots of wild life. Mostly no wake except in the lakes. We stayed at a VBRO on Burt lake. If you have not already made the trip, I have some waypoints of marinas and restaurants I can post. I would love to do this trip again in a year or 2.

            hardy dam, south of big rapids is also a good trip if you have not already tried it.

            knotty buoy mi