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How to properly fill the trim pump ?

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  • How to properly fill the trim pump ?

    OK i have a mecruser outdrive. My question is can i take the fill screw out and run the pump ? I have to take the boat out in the lake to fill the resivior. ( to shallow at the dock)

    Is it ok to drive out. Stop with engine off. And take the screw out and fill the resivior. Then i was going to run the trim all the way up ( trailor mode) and down a few time with the screw out. Will it just spit the fluid out or will it pump right ?

    Reason is last time i filled it with the drive not all the way down. And when i took the fill screw out it spat at me. Also how do you bleed the system ??

    I think i have to get a new line. But want to make shure that the line i tightend last night wasnt the culprit.
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    Re: How to properly fill the trim pump ?

    I am having the same problem right now. I had to replace two trim lines on mine this spring. I though I had it all squared away, but now that its at the slip I can see that the outdrive is drifting up when it sits due to air in the lines. I ran mine with the fill screw out, but I think you're going to have to pull the boat to properly bleed it as I think you have to bleed the air at the trim cylinders. I could be wrong, but after looking over my system, thats the only way I can figure out how to do it.
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