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Prokat t-top leg screws ripped out

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  • Prokat t-top leg screws ripped out

    Hello all,

    I figured this was the correct forum for this question.. if not, please move to the appropriate forum.

    This weekend I hit a wave a bit fast and the resulting slam managed to pull the screws to my port forward leg of my t-top out of the deck. These are regular ss screws straight down into the deck.

    Obviously, I would love to get under the deck and put some plating with bolts and washers but i have no idea how i would gain access... so i have two questions...

    1) Anyone who knows Prokats (2004 22' CC) .. any idea if it is possible to gain access to the area below the legs of the t-top?? I am thinking not.
    2) What is the best way to repair this? No fiberglass went with the screws, they just stripped out.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Prokat t-top leg screws ripped out

    larger screws, stainless toggle bolts. they make a toggle type bolt for mounting pedistal seats.
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      Re: Prokat t-top leg screws ripped out

      I'm guessing #8 or #10 screws?
      Cut small strips of fiberglass cloth, 1/8" x 1" and lay 3-4 of them centered over each stripped hole. Push the strips into the hole with a very small slot screwdriver, leaving a bit sticking out. Mix a few teaspoons of polyester or epoxy resin and drip into the holes. When cured, cut the fibers off flush, drill a small hole in the middle, put same screws back in.


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        Re: Prokat t-top leg screws ripped out

        Thank you for the suggestions ! I appreciate it. It seems to have bent a bit (1/2 inch) outward so i need to find a way to bend it back and hold in place to fix. Possibly could use a couple of blocks of wood an use a bottle jack against the side.


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          Re: Prokat t-top leg screws ripped out

          Get stainless or brass threaded inserts. Drill holes larger and put some epoxy on the threaded insert before installing. The insert will have better holding power than the screw, and screws will hold in the insert better than in the fiberglass.
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