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Dual Console W canvas Versus Walk Around Cabin

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  • Dual Console W canvas Versus Walk Around Cabin

    Joking. I’ve had CCs last 10 yrs (Mako 184CC, Robalo 242 CC) but wanted something with shelter for rough days on the bay but nice at the beach so I bought a Parker 2320 SC. Have 3 young kids and find docking tough. Get tossed about a bit and boat is rocky compared to my Robalo. The step down is also a trip hazard. I Cruise around the bay, go to the beach, Dock, anchor, minimal fishing. Never need to spend the night on the boat. Dual Console with good canvas for the rare occasional unexpected bad weather OR walk around cabin? Is a Dual Console a sell out??? LOL

    What do you recommend? Robalo 247 DC? GW Freedom 255? BW Vantage 230? Scout Dorado 235? World Cat 255 DC?

    or just go for The Grady 232 Gulfstream

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    The Parker 2320 was on my short list when I bought the Grady. Got a hell of a deal on the Grady which made the choice no brainer.

    Never saw any use for a DC except as fair weather people hauler.

    Having said that, never considered a CC a viable option either until recently. My hardcore, anytime, any place, any temperature ideology is beginning to fade with age....lol

    Fishing is the primary usage but we use it a good bit as transportation. Whether it’s dinner at a waterfront restaurant and a evening cruise with friends or a long distance trip to visit friends on the Easter Shore for the weekend.

    The WA checks all the boxes of my “must have” features....full access to the rail, enclosed bow, lots lockable storage and ample protection from the sun and weather, ie. hardtop with full enclosure.

    A good friend has been trying to sell me his Gulfstream for a number of years. I like the 12” of additional beam but not the hassle of towing an oversized load.

    If he hasn’t sold it by the time we finally sell the farm and move water front permanently, I might just take him up on that offer



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      I always thought the WA's were too cramped for a cuddy. Even some 23 footers are real small. Walking up forward to anchor them was tricky in any waves. They were good in the rain,with a navy top, but I do not go out when it is raining, and come home if it starts.

      CC's suck in the cold weather or whenever there is spray or rain and you want to stay dry. Not sure why they are so popular.

      I like the DC's. You can close the windshield and get behind the consoles out of the rain and wind. They are quite good on cold days, with their wind protection. I have a bimini top, which provides protection from sun. They are easy to anchor in calm or rough seas, and the bow is plenty high to protect from waves breaking over it.

      just my opinion.


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        Three young kids and a wife leads ME to a walk around cabin that has room for a porta potti. This should speak for itself when mother nature calls and it's to rough or cold to jump in the water. And if it's # 2 good luck with the wife using a 5 gallon bucket . You have a space for keeping dry towels , water toys, fishing gear , cooler ,preservers ,cleaning materials and anything else you can think of. Grady's have a cult following and a very good resale value . Might want to check out Grady Life - Grady White Owners Club or Everything Boston Whaler on FB. for specific info ,power and what not on those brands. I One of my boats is a Boston W 27 Full Cabin with twin inboards and have no problems docking alone , if I had young ones or the 2nd mate with me I politely ask them to sit down, out of my way when I am docking . Don't need any fingers getting smashed as they try to fend off a 9,000lb boat that I can turn stop on a dime and stop,jog whatever way it needs to be before they get there mitts in the way.
        Cool Runnings,,, Mr.88


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          I wanted a WA was looking at barely used to new boats. Just no space underneath and it ads a lot to the weight which is fuel and speed through the life of the boat. I was looking under 9 foot beam now get above 9 foot beam to 10 plus then things change but then trailering and everything else changes. Not to mention the boat price goes up almost double from a 9 foot beamed boat in this class to a 10 foot beamed boat. Regardless of length.

          I went with a CC I love the boat it does what I need. I would like more storage but we fish and dive and gearing 5 people so sea travel in either of those situations makes the CC the choice for me.

          Ive been in cold rough water in 26 foot or smaller cabin style boats unless your below your still cold and often your cold and wet. So theres not much difference in a CC drivers wet and cold so is everyone else and me I’m pretty good at the helm i know how to keep my area of the boat dryer than the rest

          Before I bought the Wellcraft i was pretty serious about the 26 and 27 foot Strypers there walk arounds. Ain’t much room below I’m 5’8” and I doubt I’d ever spend more than one night below deck but I could see a few people below in cold rough water.

          Dont know if this is on topic or not but its what I seem to think.