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LOWE 1600 Silhouette 16' Aliminum hull. Deck Boat.

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  • LOWE 1600 Silhouette 16' Aliminum hull. Deck Boat.

    Anyone know how much a LOWE 1600 Silhouette 16' Aliminum hull. Deck Boat. weighs w/o motor?
    Wondering if it would make a good pond boat?

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    What year? You can check here - http://boatspecs.iboats.com/Lowe_Boats/bp/20br2000
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      I can share that I have a 19' Grumman Deck boat that's now fully restored, and a 22' Lowe, which is still in very good shape, though it's all original. Both were built in '93.

      Looks like the Iboats database has a hole in it. I don't see ANY of the Lowe deck boats mentioned. Most you see are early 90's vintage, but you do see some built into the later 90's (until OMC was sold). The database does show the Grumman deck boats, also built by OMC, which are VERY similar in design to the Lowe boats. Biggest difference being more alum on the Lowe, including the floor. The Grumman has a plywood floor, but the hull IS identical to the Lowe.

      Google search shows what they look like, basically an aluminum low profile deck boat, mostly outboard. OMC built them so that's not too hard to imagine.

      They were also built under the Sun Cruiser and Tahiti brand names.

      I've never seen a 16' version of this boat. They're all 19-24'

      The 19's are advertised at something close to 1500 lbs, so safe to say the 16' will be lighter, so my guess would be maybe closer to 1000 lbs?

      The 19' boat I restored was full of VERY waterlogged foam. -Al


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        It says it is a '95. the ad is selling a 90 horse OB and the boat/trailer is free. Also says it has some leaking rivets.
        Would they be hard to repair? here is a pic.
        thanks for your help.
        Click image for larger version

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          Originally posted by Cmorestuff View Post
          the ad is selling a 90 horse OB and the boat/trailer is free
          Be careful...boat/trailer "free" often means the seller doesn't have titles.


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            Originally posted by GA_Boater - Wash Hands - Don't Touch Face - Separate View Post
            Says it is a 9'5. But I cant find it listed there.

            plate says it is a 19' boat. Mod # J90ELEDR I think that is the motor. Manufacturer: OMC Aluminum boat group

            They are asking $3500. NADA book says motor value about $800.
            Hard to tell but I think it is a Model 1900 from the pics Click image for larger version

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              Originally posted by tomhath View Post

              Be careful...boat/trailer "free" often means the seller doesn't have titles.
              Yes, Bill of sale only. will that be a problem? ad says was previously owned by the state of KS DWP.
              State of KS doesnt title boats. Registration only. from website: Kansas does not issue boat titles, this is a registration only state.


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                That's a 19' boat.

                My experience with "free boats" is that they need work a lot of the time. Like transoms and/or floors. Nice part about these, is that you don't have to worry about the stringers (all alum.), or any glass work, so they make nice DIY projects. Hull has all welded seams, so those won't be an issue.

                The guy is dreaming if he thinks the motor is worth 3500, but that package may be worth what he's asking for it depending on how it checks out. My 19' came with a 70 on it and it's much stronger than one might imagine a 70 would be on a 19' boat. 8' wide shallow vee that doesn't weigh much is very easy to get on plane, and it will stay on plane down to just silly speeds. These boats are wide, so they are stable. They ride pretty rough in chop over about 18". Until then, they do a nice job of keeping everyone dry. Great ski, fish, cruise combo.

                Rivets may be very difficult to get to, requiring that the floor be removed.

                Best case is that his "leaking rivets" is actually a plumbing leak in the lines to/from the live well (every one of these I've seen has one). No fun to deal with, but much easier than removing the floor.

                Another thought, if the boat is gong to be trailered, who cares if it's leaking a little? Just pull the plug when you're done using it for the day. If it's going to be left tied up to a dock, that's something else all together.

                I would plan on getting dirty during your purchase inspection and crawl around under the boat from front to rear looking for anything obvious. While under there, look the trailer frame over. It's getting older, so potential for rusting through is there.

                Bottom line, where we are in Florida, we have the ability to travel quite a distance on both fresh and salt water. We sold a pretty nice pontoon boat as it was taking us FOREVER to get anywhere. Deck boat allows us to cover some serious ground when we want to. They are MUCH quicker than a 'toon!

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                  Thanks everyone for your time. the boat sold before I could even get to look at it. Oh well.
                  thanks again.