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Stress Cracks?

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  • Stress Cracks?

    Have these are on both sides of the boat. How much should I worry about the integrity or are these just superficial?

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    Make some marks at the start and end of each one measure them take some accurate pictures load that thing up hard and spend the day jumping wakes and waves. If you find there growing you’ll have your answer.


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      Don't know what year or kind your boat is but a lot of older boats will develop crazing in the gelcoat, see if you can find any in the glass around the stringers or on the inside part of the hull area that will give you a better idea if you still can't figure it out ask a local surveyor to look at it
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        I had Stress Cracks on my I/O. In the end it was a Delaminated Transom. Glastron did F all about it, their Lifetime VEC warranty was/is worth F all.


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          I have seen boats that were overpowered, and then run wot hour after hour and then put away wet.

          I have also seen boats that had a gelcoat cure problem and the manufacturer replaced the boat because it was a manufacturing defect.

          I have never seen cracking like yours. Looks like a problem with structural integrity to me. I would have a marine surveyor look at it in person and make a better determination.
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            Gee, those pictures did not indicate where the cracks were located. usually stress cracks are located on areas of the most stress...like transom corners, and where the hull meets the transom. where are your's located?

            I do not see any fiberglass cloth exposed, which is good. You can get cracks like you have from hitting something, with your pattern looking like it hit a piling.

            You might push on the hull where the cracks are and see if she gives. The hull can detach from the top cap of the boat, and the sides can be pretty weak because of it. The fix is to bolt the cap to the hull sides with SS bolts and locknuts.


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              I think Chris nailed it. It took a hit sometime in it's life. Just make sure the damage isn't to deep. Seen this before.
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