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Outdoor Boat Storage

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  • Outdoor Boat Storage

    Anyone here rent an outdoor spot at a Boat/RV Storage place? NOT an "inside" type, aka "barn" type, but an outdoor spot?

    If so, is there an electronic gate? Do people live on the premises? Is water available for cleaning the boat?

    A week ago, we rented an outside spot, for our cuddy cabin on a trailer, at a Boat/RV Storage in northern Colorado. However, the gate isn't electronic. It stays open all the time...…….the people who live there guarantee they've never had a problem with a stolen boat or equipment. They do plan on installing an electronic gate sometime in the future. They also have no water. We were told there is a car wash down the street and people clean their boats there.

    The good part, actually VERY GOOD part, this Colorado storage is only $60 a month, compared to the $294 we are currently paying at a Dry Storage, which isn't a building. A roof, two ends and racks in the middle to sit boats and trailers on. They do have a forklift for taking the boat out of the rack, putting in water and putting back in rack. Nothing like that available in Colorado.

    Our boat will stay here in Jacksonville, Florida until the middle of May, after the snow stops in Colorado and things warm up. Yes, we will have to pay for both storage places until then. Boat storage in northern Colorado is very, very hard to come by and we got lucky to get this one. BTW, they do have "barns", but we just couldn't afford one of those. Before storing our boat/trailer at this Dry Storage, it was sitting on a spot outside at a Boat/RV Storage here for a few years. It survived.

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    I did store mine like that for a year or so. Local place about 10 min from the house. They had a security gate, and someone in residence on the property. Fencing was good ... or at least a little challenging ... and I used a hitch lock on my trailer. I didn't have any trouble there.

    There were plenty of RVs and boats stored there too. There's another just off the lake I frequent that is set up the same way.


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      We have a couple lock that has a ball the fits/locks the coupler. Also have a lock for the couple release. When we were at the Storage where our boat was on the trailer, we used both and never had any problems. Also, didn't keep anything of value on the boat.

      I do remember, at the storage we use to be at, someone stole all of the fishing equipment off of a center console fishing boat. The owner left the rods/reels/tackle right out in the open. Stupid!

      We bought an electric winch a few months ago, was going to have it installed on the trailer, but then decided to install it when we get to Colorado.


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        I used to store a boat at an outside lot.

        the gate was electronic, cameras everywhere, and the manager lived on site. they had both indoor A/C units and outdoor spots for RV's and boats. some covered, most not.

        keep all valuables out of site, use a lock, keep your insurance current.
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