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    Originally posted by roffey View Post
    Just a side note about vets and gouging, I think the cost of running a vtes office would be huge and the amount of education to become a vet is more than a medical doctor (I think). I had to say good by to my long time friend last week and I am truly impressed with the care and compassion my local vet showed..

    anyway, Vets have nothing to do with dogs on boats or this post.

    As I mentioned earlier, you and the dog like it then why not. Dogs have been a part of my like since I was 9. My current dog does not like the boat or the water, strange as he is a potcake dog (https://www.google.com/search?source...10.Ii0NgsjEK40), lol, look it up
    I'm sorry or your loss Roffey. It is as tough as losing a close friend or relative, sometimes more so.

    My God Daughter is a Vet. Between education loans and the set up of a clinic they are 100's of thousands in debt before the first critter is treated. Our niece is a Dentist, her start up cost was over 1/2 a million bucks, and she didn't get the 3D X-ray machine. The profession with the highest rate of suicide is Dentists.
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      Originally posted by Old Ironmaker View Post
      ...I can tell you the difference between 54 and 64 is more than 10 years.
      Ain't that the truth!
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        As a lakefront resident and pontoon boat owner, I have to confess to a pretty casual approach regarding our small dogs (Schnauzer and Jack Russel) going along for the ride. The Schnauzer didn't really care for the water (could swim, but barely), but loved the rides with all the people. One day he went to step off the dock onto the boat and missed. I was on him in an instant hauling him out of the water as he was totally suberged. If it had not been for that I doubt the little guy would have survived. That scared me.

        Another time, we had been out for about half an hour, boat was nearly full, and I looked around for the Jack Russel, who was nowhere in sight. Freaked out, I looked in back of the boat in the direction we had come from, and sure enough, there's this little head paddling like crazy trying to catch up with us. A happy ending, but that was the last time a dog was allowed on a boat with no leash. That memory refuses to go away.

        I would not attempt multi day cruises with a dog aboard. Motor homes DO work just awesome when traveling with dogs. The dogs (or cats) adapt amazingly quickly, and after spending several years bouncing around all over the country for months at a crack, we found no downside to having the dogs along for the ride.

        Last, I believe dogs (most of them anyway) make REALLY lousy unexpected guests. I wouldn't wish that experience on anyone. Your "darling" can be somebody else's nightmare. JUST DON'T! ALWAYS ask your host first. Don't be THAT guy!


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          I agree %100. I love dogs but when people bring them over for the weekend it turns my house and dog upside down. Some people feel love me, love my dog.
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            Originally posted by jimmbo View Post

            That's one of the issues when one gets a Pet, at some point it will cost you serious money, and Vets are right up there with Oil Companies and Car Dealers when it comes to Gouging...
            A free stray Cat from the pound here is over 300 hard earned dollars by the time they get shots, spayed etc. A Cat!!! Yea free. My buddy got a mutt from the SPCA, it was free too. Free to the tune of $750.00. t
            Experience is a lifetime of mistakes, wisdom is not making them again.


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              my experience w/dogs on boats is not mixed.
              i have cats that own me. i'm their servant.

              that said, my buddy is the one that brings dogs along that i get the experience of.
              1 to 2 golden retrievers. best i can tell, mostly untrained. and mostly not controllable.
              this is painful. on the beach, when me and my buddy pull up together for a chat, there's his dogs shaking sand all over my boat, not his. shaking sand on me too. sand is not what i want on my boat or me. if i do, i'll introduce, not someone or some dog doing it.
              i remember floating down the missouri river w/ my buddy. side by side chating away. next thing ya know, dog overboard. darn dog went for the shore. full blown concrete blocks. no way to bring a glass boat to shore. after 10 or so min. the dog finally came by my boat, and my buddy came close by and got his dog. that was too exiting. too many deadly options in this scenario. my buddy's always having to do the beach. gotta water the dog.
              maybe try a cat.
              a litter box that takes up minor room cures any pollution problems. fwiw. cats do swim, naturally
              the bad i've found about cats. i think it takes much exposure to a boat. . but after they're acclimated. they're easy.
              this cat is only kinda hip. out maybe 50 times.
              he don't like the ride to the lake. though i think he knows he's going boating, not to the vet. i use different cars for vet vs. boating.
              anyway. imho. i'd go cat vs. dog. dog's will be high maint. cats, they just wanna find a cool place for a catnap.
              and that's on a nineteen ft. boat in white caps. imagine howed they'd react to a larger boat. pretty good i'd think.
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                Originally posted by jimmbo View Post

                That's one of the issues when one gets a Pet, at some point it will cost you serious money, and Vets are right up there with Oil Companies and Car Dealers when it comes to Gouging...
                You take your old Grannie to the doctor and she probably has medicare to cover the costs. If you work you probably have some sort of insurance. If either of you die, the estate will cover a good part of it and thus the doctor gets paid to some extent.

                (I don't want to talk about Obozocare, that's an entirely different subject)

                If you don't want gas, don't buy it. Ride a bike. If you car dies and you don't pay up, you won't get it back. Tough for you.

                Anywhoot, you take Fido to the vet and he croaks, you just don't show up again. No insurance and you don't care about the carcass. The Vet gets nothing. Vets need as much, or more, training than a doctor. Not just one body, but cats to horses. The payback to vets is one of the lowest returns of any job title, and their expenses are awful.

                I am not a vet, nor are any family members. I just respect them a lot because their motives are selfless and their rewards are not monetary.
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                  If you worry about the money don't get a friend that will love you till there end. Always had a mut since I was a young mut my self. Either you love them or you don't I think y'all making to much of this if you have to think about it don't do it.
                  Here is my buddy during a poop break off the boat.