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Boat fuel hoses

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  • Boat fuel hoses

    What type of fuel hose is good to use on a boat? You aren't suppose to use auto fuel line right? Where is a good place to buy it? I can't seem to find boat fuel line say in 5ft length or 10ft. Thank you

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    There is a particular rubber (likely Neoprene) fuel line for outboards. It sill carry an SAE marine approval.

    A marine store should have it in rolls. Here on the Jersey shore, most auto parts places stock it as well.


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      Make sure the hose is labeled like this.


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        Originally posted by Gradywhite3535 View Post
        What type of fuel hose is good to use on a boat?
        What is the fuel hose going to be used for? There are several different types of "marine" fuel hose, depending on what it's going to be used for.
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