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New owner help with a 1984 Cooche Craft 'Basschamp' model bass boat

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  • New owner help with a 1984 Cooche Craft 'Basschamp' model bass boat

    Over the summer I purchased my very first boat. It is a 1984 Cooche Craft Basschamp model bass boat. I have a few upgrades in mind but I'm unable to find any information about this boat online. This forum is the only place I've located any mention of this boat but the 2 post I've found here that mentioned this boat doesn't help with my questions. I can't find pictures, diagrams, part numbers etc etc anywhere online ... If anyone has any information regarding this boat please help. Please post any websites about the manufacturer of a Coochecraft boat.

    1- I'm specifically needing some info about the wiring. There are some switches on the boat that have rusted and fell apart and aren't hooked up to anything at the moment so I can't tell what the switch was for. I want to redo all of the wiring and need a diagram for it.

    2-the boat came with a 50 hp johnson motor and I'm going to buy and install a power tilt and trim. I assume I need to know the year of the motor to be able to order the tilt/trim pack. I don't know what year the motor is. I don't know how to tell what year it is either. How can I tell what year my engine is?

    3-i need to replace the navigation light on the bow of the boat. This weekend the plastic lens that's red and green fell out of the light fixture. So do I need to order the whole fixture or can I replace the lens alone? Are their generic bow lights I can buy or does it need to be specific for this hull?

    4-the boat also has an old trolling motor and fish finder. They both work all though they are very outdated. I need the bracket that attaches the fish finder sonar to the boat. What I was wondering is do these accecories normally come with a boat purchase or are they bought and installed after? I need to know how to figure out what models they both are so I can try and find the correct pieces I need to purchase.

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    Any boat manual you may find is more than likely going to be generic. What I mean is that it's going to cover "rules of the water", safe boating, carbon monoxide (maybe), and other general items. Unless this was a very high end boat I doubt you'll find a wiring diagram or part numbers. All hope is not lost though as boat manufacturers get their parts - cleats, switches, lights, etc. - from common manufacturers. So....

    1. Your best bet is tracing the wiring, one wire at a time, and determining what it goes to. Replace, if needed, with same gauge wire or larger - never go smaller in diamerter. So if the original wire was 18G you can replace with 18G or the larger 16G. And this would be a good time to create that wiring diagram you're after.

    2. Can't help you there but you will need a controller with Trim/Tilt on it to operate correctly.

    3. You can purchase replacement lights at just about any online retailer including Iboats. Just pick what suits your tastes. It's very unlikely you will find a direct replacement given the age of your boat but if that's something you're after you can comb through Craigslist or Ebay.

    4. Depending on the boat, it may have been installed by the factory BUT see my comment of boat manufacturers using off the shelf components. IF the depthfinder were modern (ie. produced in the last couple of years) you would stand a chance of getting one direct from the manufacturer. If it's older than that, and by your post it sounds as if it is, you may be out of luck. There have been any number of advances in sonar technology and the prices are way down on these with more features than what you more than likely have. In other words, it's probably a good time to upgrade rather than sinking $$$ into older technology there.

    If you post a few more times you can then attach some photos of your purchase as we all love photos!!
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