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Trolling motor location

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  • Trolling motor location

    I just got a 4hp Merc mounted on a bayliner classic 2450. When fully lowered the prop is not below the hull but below waterline.Does it have to below the hull? I have not put the boat in yet to test it. Should this still push me along fast enough for walleyes?

    Brian in MI

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    4hp??? That is way way underpowered to push that size and weight boat. On a perfectly calm lake you might get 1 mph or so but any wind or current and you’ll have no control as far as your course. As far as mounting it you want the cavitation plate even with the bottom of the hull. My opinion is that motor is totally inadequate to troll with your boat.


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      Thanks for the reply. I had a 4.5 on my last boat which was 25 and it pushed me plenty fast for walleyes. I will find out if this 4hp works this weekend.


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        A couple of things. First I hope it works out for you. If the prop is not deep enough you’ll get cavitation or ventilation and then your rpm’s will increase and your thrust will decrease, meaning even less power.
        I troll lots for different fish, trout, salmon, striper but not walleye as we don’t have them in California so I don’t know what speed you troll for them but I surmise it must be pretty slow if a 4 hp motor will push a boat your size at their trolling speed. Even if it pushes your boat fast enough the problem you’ll have is controll. The least little breeze will push your boat in the direction of the wind and I can tell you from experience you cannot correct your course with that little motor and your size boat. The only way to get back on track is to start the main motor to get you back on course. As long as the wind blows or even a little breeze you’ll have to do that over and over.
        I have an 18’ Alumaweld heavy gauge aluminum boat with a 90 hp merc and a 6 hp merc kicker. My boat probably weighs 2500 to 3500lbs less than yours and has way less surface area for the wind to effect. When trolling in wind/breeze 6 to 10 mph I am constantly trying to keep the boat on course but find I often need to start the main motor to get the boat back on track. I wish I would have got a 9.9 hp. When calm and no breeze , no problem. Your boat being much heavier, more surface area and less hp it’s going to be a real hassle trolling (especially if your prop isn’t deep enough). But again I hope it works out just fine for you. Tight lines.


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          Thanks again! For walleyes we need 1.5 mph. I know because of the hardtop and high profile it will be hard on windy days. Most likely I will drift then. Tight lines back to you!